Source: Anadolu Agency; Government's EU Circular to accelarate EU adjustment program; May 8, 2003


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan pointed out the importance of European Union (EU) membership process and called on all the state institutions and organizations to carry out studies carefully in coordination with Secretariat General for EU affairs. In the circular, Erdogan recalled that Secretariat General for the EU was assigned to organize the studies of the state institutions and organizations aiming to prepare Türkiye for EU membership and carry out coordination regarded with implementation of the National Program.


Erdogan said negotiations, regarded with Türkiye's accession to the EU, would be decided by taking into consideration the report of the EU Commission which will be issued in autumn 2004. Erdogan pointed out that implementation of the National Program and completion of efforts to adjust with particularly Copenhagen Political Criteria were important.


Erdogan said, "on the other side, we envisage to accelerate studies to update National Program and complete it till May 15, 2003."


"In line with the aspects issued above, all the state institutions and organizations will continue to carry out their studies carefully in coordination with the Secretariat General for the EU," Erdogan stated.


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