Source: Intellinews; B.A. Tobacco opens a factory in Tire; Oct 10th, 2002


British American Tobacco opened a factory in the city of Tire. The chairman of BAT Board of Directors Martin Broughton said that the factory will produce Viceroy and Kent brands of cigarettes. Viceroy will be introduced in three types, namely short, short light and long. The price of short ones will be TRL 1.3mn, and the long ones TRL 1.4mn. Viceroy will be introduced in Istanbul Ankara and Izmir first, than, in the other cities. Kent cigarettes of the long type will be introduced in Istanbul first and then in other cities. Its price will be 2.4mn. The factory cost USD 200mn and has a capacity of producing 2bn cigarettes. Distribution of the cigarettes will be made by Koc Holding's Duzey Pazarlama. Duzey Pazarlama has 5% and Sunel Turk has 7% share in the factory. Upon a question whether BAT will be interested in the privatisation of the state run spirit and tobacco company TEKEL, Broughton said that details regarding the privatisation of the company are not announced, yet expressed their interest in TEKEL.


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