Source: Associated Press; Cougar helicopter production project to be completed in february; Feb, 2003


Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) successfully carries out the production of Cougar AS-532 helicopters. The project will be completed in February by the delivery of the last helicopter at the end of the month. All the helicopters which were produced in TAI were handed over to the concerned force commands after they were tested.


Within the scope of the project which started in the year 1997, 28 helicopters were produced. Under the EUROTAI consortium, Eurocopter of France and TAI had decided to co-produce the 30 Cougar AS-532 General Purpose, Search and Rescue and Armed Search and Rescue helicopters (10 for the Turkish Land Force and 20 for Turkish Air Force) required by the Turkish Armed Forces. The first two helicopters were manufactured at the Eurocopter facilities in France, whereas the remaining 28 are being produced at TAI facilities in Ankara.


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